PolyAcryloNitrile (PAN) is a synthetically produced organic polymer resin, which though thermoplastic, has thermal stability. Its chemical formula is as follows:


Technorbital is one of the first companies in India to specially synthesize a PAN with a modified molecular weight and a unique formulation of copolymers that empowered the resulting PAN with some exceptional properties that could be used in the field of water filtration membrane, carbon fibres, lithium ion batteries anodes, nano fibres and create wonders. Technorbital’s PAN has been approved by many companies and research/academic institutes for its use in next generation water filtration membranes, next generation Lithium ion batteries, as a precursor to carbon fibre, PAN/CNT based carbon films, activated carbon fibres for chemical adsorption and silver impregnated antimicrobial fibres.

With the help of IIT’s and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) lab – NCL – who were already working extensively in the field of hollow and nano fibers,  Technorbital were actively involved in creating a range of products that are stable, have real-life applications and solutions that could cater to a requirement on global scale. The result of this research has been a range of applications including:

•  Hollow fibre Ultrafiltration membranes
•  Nano Fibres
•  Carbon Fibres
•  Other applications

This particular formulation of PAN and the hollow fibre membrane using this PAN has an ace up its sleeve compared to the conventional polymers in terms of flux, virus rejection, anti-fouling nature and a host of other properties.

Technorbital are the pioneers in manufacturing end-to-end solution including specially modified PAN (raw materilal), hollow fibre membranes and integrating them with water filtration unit, all in-house. This not only makes the hollow fibre membranes a lot more effective than the conventional filtration membranes but also makes it affordable than them.

Advantages of Technorbital modified PAN based hollow fiber membranes:
Special highlight of Technorbital PAN

Boston-based Clean Membranes has tied up with Technorbital to use Technorbital’s modified PAN for waste water treatment in Oil & Gas sector. The special highlight of Technorbital PAN is that, whereas conventional membranes that are used in this sector require frequent (expensive) chemical washing in order to clear away fouling, etc. the membrane created using Technorbital’s PAN can be washed by simple, plain water once in a while. Technorbital PAN acts like a robust wall, filtering out the minutest of impurities from the waste water produced in Oil & Gas sector. Easy to maintain and effective, Technorbital likes to keep technology simple and accessible.

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