Technorbital in association with NCL, Pune has developed a hollow fibre ultra-filtration membrane technology using Technorbital’s modified PAN. These UF hollow fibre membranes are commercially manufactured at Technorbital plant in Kanpur (UP). Our UF membranes are lot more effective than the conventional water filter membranes whether in drinking water or waste water treatment. Further, these are low maintenance and affordable than the conventional membranes.
We make different size UF modules (domestic to industrial) to cater a domestic as well as industrial water treatment capacities.

Advantages of Technorbital modified PAN based hollow fiber UF membranes:

•  4-5 times higher fluxes compared to conventional membranes
•  Inherent anti-fouling properties
•  Good resistance to acid and alkali
•  High strength
•  Can be easily modified to achieve multiple functionalities

The size (OD/ID) of the hollow fibre membrane we produce varies from application to application basis.

Generally speaking the specifications of our UF membrane are:

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