Ultra-filtration Gravity Membrane for Domestic Purifier

Technorbital manufactures special hollow fibre membranes that can be installed in water filtration units that are meant for domestic usage.
This UF membrane works on gravity and hence does not require electricity. These membranes last much longer than the conventional water purification membranes. No chemicals and 100% eco-friendly these membranes are far more efficient and cost-effective than any other water purifiers.

Online Ultra-filtration Membrane

Technorbital’s UF Membranes are so quick and effective that it can handle large volumes of impure water and transform them into pure drinking water faster than any other water filtration technology. These modules can be used for any online applications as a pre-RO and water purification in domestic water purification unit. Our membranes are most economical, simple and low maintenance.

Uf Membrane For Life-saver Bottle

With Hollow Fibre Membrane based water filtration units installed at community or regional level and at home, one is sure that the water is pure. But what happens when one travels. We are unaware of the source of water and how pure it would be. In Life-Saver Bottle the straw is made up of hollow fibre UF membrane that assures that when water from any source is filled in the bottle only pure water comes out of the straw. Just carry Life-Saver Bottle while you travel and leave all the impurities and your stress behind. This product is under development



The mission is to create something unique that has the potential to have a direct impact on people’s urban and rural lifestyle, something that is affordable, accessible and that made sense to every Indian citizen.

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India is a vast country and apart from a few developed pockets restricted to the urban areas, a majority of Indian population still yearns to have access to basic necessities like hygienic food and water,

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