NCL to supply free water Purifiers, oxygen machines for tribals in Palghar, Thane

Non Electric Water Purifier

Tech-Jal used during J&K flood operation MEGHRAHAT by Indian Military

Vishnuji Savara Innaugarating Tech-Jal

Certificate for Tech-Jal from Tribal Minister

With IIT Guwahati students

Mr. Shaju and Mr. Manish with Dr. Pathak

Dr. Sunil Dhole with Dr. Pathak

At national consultation meeting in Delhi

Tech-Jal presentation at Vision Kanpur

Tech-Jal Presentation at National Consultation on Clean India Campaign

Welcome at Sulabh

Rotary Official from USA inspecting Tech-Jal

Tech-Jal Installed in Akare village

Tech-Jal in remote village

Technology transfer CSIR-NCL Present at the occasion Dr. Sourav Pal, Director NCL and the inventor Dr. Ulhas Kharul

Tech-Jal installed at Defence Hospital Kanpur (UP)

Shimoga Karnataka water before and after Tech-Jal treatment

Tech-Jal installed at BARTI School, Pune

Member of Water Quality Association

Tech-Jal installed at DM office Kanpur (UP)

Toilet Water Recycle

WQA Certificate

Water First Recognition

WQA India

Vision Kanpur

WQA Meeting Sponsorship

Dr. Ashwini Nangia, Director NCL Pune Inaugarating drinking water purification plant at NCL Pune

Visit of Dr. Eswara Prasad Namburi, Director DMSRDE Kanpur

Tech-Jal in NCL Pune

Drinking water plant at NCL Pune