If research is all about conceiving a great idea through intense study, innovation is applying this idea and making the benefits of it accessible to people through super intense hard work. Technorbital Advanced Materials Pvt. Ltd. is such research oriented organization with the vision to serve society through technology and product innovation.

Started by Ph.D holders from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and International work experience, these entrepreneurs decided to make it big in India by Making India a BIG success. The company has developed its patented specialty PAN (a Polyacrylonitrile with a modified molecular weight and special chemical composition of copolymers) that could be used for several applications can transform the lifestyles of urban as well as rural population. In its continuous thrust on research, Technorbital from the outset started working directly or indirectly with esteemed research institutes in India like IIT’s and CSIR labs. Technorbital in association with NCL Pune, a reputed CSIR lab have developed the next generation hollow fibre membranes – Hollow Fibre Membrane – using modified PAN that purifies water from any source a lot more effectively than any other conventional water filtration system, is 40% cheaper, is easy to operate and maintain and can work under gravity (no electricity).

As strong supporters of Made in India movement, with a promise to provide crystal clear, mineral, and pure water at just Rs. 0.04 per litre, Technorbital’s community water filtration system called “Tech-Jal” and its mobile variant have been widely used across the states and villages of India during extreme disasters like Cyclone, Flooding and also as a regular water purifier. Supporting several CSR drives, the leaders of Technorbital are actively involved in Swachh Bharat movement including Clean Ganga mission.

Technorbital membranes can be used for waste/effluent/sewage water treatment Oil & Gas sectorThis PAN based membrane does not require chemical washing unlike other expensive filtration membranes. It can be cleaned using just plain water or minimal chemicals once in a while.

With a range of applications from water filtration, rain water harvesting, recycling water, next generation Li-Ion Batteries, air-purification (coming soon), the company continuously innovates ways to improve the standard of living of people at all strata.



The mission is to create something unique that has the potential to have a direct impact on people’s urban and rural lifestyle, something that is affordable, accessible and that made sense to every Indian citizen.

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India is a vast country and apart from a few developed pockets restricted to the urban areas, a majority of Indian population still yearns to have access to basic necessities like hygienic food and water,

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