About Technorbital

Established in 2011, Technorbital Advanced Materials Pvt Ltd (TAML) has focused on green technologies for affordable and innovative drinking water solutions and waste water management. Technorbital is a R&D driven company of which the foundation is based on research and innovation. The founders are PhD holders from IITs and business magnates with international work exposure. The company has developed its patented specialty polymer with unique chemical composition, molecular weight and distribution that could be used for several applications to transform the lifestyles of urban as well as rural population. In its continuous thrust on research, Technorbital works very closely with esteemed research institutes in India like IIT’s and CSIR labs. Technorbital in association with NCL Pune, a reputed CSIR lab, resulted in the development of high efficiency, inherently antifouling hollow fibre membranes that purifies water from any source with a lot more effectively than any other conventional water filtration system. Our system is 40% cheaper, easy to operate and maintain and can work under gravity (no electricity).

As strong supporters of Make in India movement, with a promise to provide crystal clear, mineral, and pure water at just Rs. 0.04 per litre, Technorbital’s community water filtration system called “Tech-Jal” and its mobile variant have been widely used across the states and villages of India during extreme disasters like Cyclone, Flooding and also as a regular water purifier. Supporting several CSR drives, the leaders of Technorbital are actively involved in Swachh Bharat movement including Clean Ganga mission.

  • Our Made in India Membrane removes Virus, Bacteria, Pathogens, Turbidity which arecause of water borne diseases like Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholera, Hepatitis etc.
  • The system removes Iron too without any chemical treatment.
  • Our SystemDoesn’t need electricity to make drinking water
  • In process, the systemDoesn’t Waste or rejects water. 100% of input water is purified and disposed at the outlet keeping intact all essential minerals. Most RO systems waste 60% of water in the drainage and removes essential minerals.
  • Maintaining the system doesn’t need any Technician.
  • The filtration method is physical separation by maintaining average pore size ~20 nano-meter and due to the inherently antifouling properties of membrane and special water transport properties of the polymer, the membrane doesn’t need high pressure and thus no-electricity is required to make potable water.


Technorbital membranes can be used for waste/effluent/sewage water treatment Oil & Gas sector. This special ultrafiltration membrane does not require chemical washing unlike other expensive filtration membranes. It can be cleaned using plain water when required.

With a range of applications from water filtration, rain water harvesting, recycling water, next generation Li-Ion Batteries, air-purification (coming soon), the company continuously innovates ways to improve the standard of living of people at all strata.


The company is situated in 5-acre land at Rania Industrial area 45 kms from Kanpur city. It is well connected to all part of India and is only 2kms from main highway. We have more than 2000 sqft work area with all modern machines and reactors required for polymerization, filtration, drying, dope preparation, hollow fibre spinning, module potting, cutting, complete system fabrication, testing and characterization. We manufacture our own fibre spinning machine and also make wet spinning machines for others and export. A state of the art fabrication unit is situated in the campus. We have state of the R&D laboratory suitable for polymer and fibre research. We have several polymerization reactors with 20, 50, 100 and 2000 litter capacities. This allows us to move from concept to commercialization.